Seeking discography volunteers!

If you have any interest in helping us complete our discography, please leave a note for us in the forum.  We do have a complete set of images on hand to use for cover art, but need someone to help with track listings and album information.

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R.I.P. Clare Fischer

Pianist, arranger and composer Clare Fischer passed away today at age 83, due to complications from a minor surgery earlier in the month.  Join us in our forum for a discussion and remembrances, and read the BBC article here.  And, condolences from everyone at to the Fischer family.

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Mobile Access to

I’m happy to announce a few additions to our site.  You may access our main area (here) in a mobile view simply by visiting our main URL.  Your smartphone will automatically trigger our custom mobile theme for the site, which will allow you to more easily read the content here.

In our forum, we have also enabled two different mobile products:  ForumRunner and Tapatalk.  Both of these are mobile smartphone interfaces that make reading and posting in forums much easier than trying to navigate the desktop version of the site in a smartphone.  Both of these are apps, installable on your phone, available from the Android Market and the iPhone App Store.  Read-only versions of these plugins are available for free; if you want the ability to reply, you need to purchase either one of the apps.  (Cost is minimal.)  Our other forums are also enabled with both of these systems, as are thousands of others on the Internet..

If you have any questions regarding these mobile applications, please ask in the appropriate thread in our forum.


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October Update

Good evening!  We have a couple of quick news tidbits to pass along to you.

Forum:  we have the new system up and running, and all of the old forum posts are imported.  Pop in and say, “Hello!”

Discography:  we are currently looking for volunteers to help input data on over 80 albums that Cal Tjader recorded during his career.  If you would like to help, visit us at the forum and contact a staff member.  We have album cover images on hand already (thanks to forum member mschwartz), so we need input of basic track and album data.

We have a few other tweaks to finish up but overall, the new site is taking shape.  Thanks again for your patience as we bring this site fully up to date!

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The Great 2011 Overhaul!

We founded this site several years ago but haven’t yet set it up to its full potential. Thanks to numerous improvements in many of the web applications available online, we can more easily set up an advanced site here and pave the way to start adding much-needed content to this site.

Thanks to WordPress, we can now offer news postings on our home page, and use the “pages” feature to finally begin organizing a discography of Cal Tjader’s recordings. (As always, volunteers are welcome!)

In addition, thanks to some wonderful plugins for WordPress, all of this content will automatically display in a mobile view for anyone reading via a smartphone or tablet device!

Due to uncontrollable spamming, we have had to change forum systems. We were deleting numerous spam accounts per week, manually. The current forum system, MyBB, should offer better spam protection, and it includes a lot of features we did not have in our previous system.

Finally…the decorators have not shown up yet! So, things will not exactly look matched at this point, and a few of the default logos will appear here and there. We are designing a new header for both the forum and the main WordPress-powered site, and will begin matching color themes between the two.

Welcome aboard, and we hope you enjoy your visit!

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Welcome to the Cal Tjader Site

This is our website dedicated to the late Latin jazz vibraphonist Cal Tjader. Since there is currently no website completely devoted to Cal Tjader, we’ve launched this site to be the internet’s #1 resource for Tjader’s musical career. Currently, the only active areas of the site are this home page, our Cal Tjader shop, and our Discussion Forum.

Reminder: we’re looking for volunteers to help with the data entry, or provide scans of albums (especially some of those early Fantasy albums that may have had more than one jacket). If you can provide us with good scans of Tjader’s album covers, or are willing to help with data entry, contact “Rudy” via our forum.

Our focus here at the site will be as follows:

An online discography database, which will include track listings and sidemen.

An active forum in which all visitors can freely discuss Tjader, the man and his music.

A biography of Cal Tjader and his life in music.

A gallery of Tjader items, whether they be scanned articles, photographs, reminiscences by associates and visitors, or other items that would interest fans of his music.

A possible encyclopedia (or at least a comprehensive listing) of Tjader’s many sidemen over the years…which would read like a who’s who of Latin and jazz music.

Our collection of Cal Tjader recordings has grown substantially, thanks to a donation from the widow of Cal Tjader enthusiast Joe Cruz. If you have more information you’d like to contribute to this site, please be sure to leave a message in our Cal Tjader Forum. Note: we have little information on earlier pre-Fantasy recordings of Cal Tjader, including dates with Dave Brubeck and George Shearing. Help with this area would be much appreciated! We won’t have full discographies of these albums on which Cal Tjader was a sideman, but will attempt to have a comprehensive lists of the albums and the tracks he played on.

Trying to locate Cal Tjader recordings for purchase? Use our Amazon link above to search for and buy Cal Tjader recordings on CD. Out of print, and on LP? Try our GEMM search below. Remember, your purchases help support the Cal Tjader website!

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