Mobile Access to

I’m happy to announce a few additions to our site.  You may access our main area (here) in a mobile view simply by visiting our main URL.  Your smartphone will automatically trigger our custom mobile theme for the site, which will allow you to more easily read the content here.

In our forum, we have also enabled two different mobile products:  ForumRunner and Tapatalk.  Both of these are mobile smartphone interfaces that make reading and posting in forums much easier than trying to navigate the desktop version of the site in a smartphone.  Both of these are apps, installable on your phone, available from the Android Market and the iPhone App Store.  Read-only versions of these plugins are available for free; if you want the ability to reply, you need to purchase either one of the apps.  (Cost is minimal.)  Our other forums are also enabled with both of these systems, as are thousands of others on the Internet..

If you have any questions regarding these mobile applications, please ask in the appropriate thread in our forum.


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