The Great 2011 Overhaul!

We founded this site several years ago but haven’t yet set it up to its full potential. Thanks to numerous improvements in many of the web applications available online, we can more easily set up an advanced site here and pave the way to start adding much-needed content to this site.

Thanks to WordPress, we can now offer news postings on our home page, and use the “pages” feature to finally begin organizing a discography of Cal Tjader’s recordings. (As always, volunteers are welcome!)

In addition, thanks to some wonderful plugins for WordPress, all of this content will automatically display in a mobile view for anyone reading via a smartphone or tablet device!

Due to uncontrollable spamming, we have had to change forum systems. We were deleting numerous spam accounts per week, manually. The current forum system, MyBB, should offer better spam protection, and it includes a lot of features we did not have in our previous system.

Finally…the decorators have not shown up yet! So, things will not exactly look matched at this point, and a few of the default logos will appear here and there. We are designing a new header for both the forum and the main WordPress-powered site, and will begin matching color themes between the two.

Welcome aboard, and we hope you enjoy your visit!

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